About Company

Our company LLC «BelTrufSmak» is founded by the association of French experts in the field of cultivation, storage and packaging of vegetables extra class. The volume of investment in the creation of the company LLC «BelTrufSmak» is more than 1 000 000 euros. The number of permanent employees in the company is more than 10 and among them 4 foreign experts.

Why in Belarus?

It is a country with an advantageous geographical location that allows to adapt European technologies and methods to the demand of our Clients.
At this time the cultivation area of the company includes 700 hectares of witch 20% are for potato cultivation.

BelTrufSmak field

The company possesses its vegetable’s warehouses with modern climate control equipment that allows storing vegetables during more than 7 months.

Our company guarantees the high quality, the farming technology compliance and the ecological safety of the product. We are using only selected seeds in our production process that is under permanent control of the best specialists from France.


Our project is to triple the production’s volume of vegetables in the next 4 years.

growth plan

Our goal is regular deliveries of vegetables during 10 months per year.



Our company LLC «BelTrufSmak»is present in the market from March 2015. And we export already our products in the following countries : Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Serbia etc. Our main export direction is the Russian Federation.

Our products

We are producing potato of different varieties and sizes.   We are cultivating the potato by using modern European technology. Our potatos are non-genetically modified. Our company always takes into account the needs and circumstances of each Client. This season the company

potato on field


Vegetables from Belarus according to European norms! Our company has its own material and technical resources. Storage of vegetables in special boxes in the warehouse allows to control the quality of each lot.