Our products

We are producing potato of different varieties and sizes.

Variety Krone

Potato is resistant, it has excellent storing properties. The tubers of different forms : oval, long oval; smooth golden-yellow skin with a rich yellow flesh and a firm texture.

Variety Queen Anne

A table variety, of universal culinary purpose, according to the ripening dates, belongs to the group of early (or medium early) ones. The growing season from full germination to technical ripeness is 75-85 days (from planting – 95-100 days). On

Variety Rodrigo

Rodrigo belongs to the category of medium early varieties. The full vegetation period takes 70–85 days. About 7–9 large tubers with an average mass of about 200 grams, and sometimes up to 700–800 grams, are formed in one Rodrigo nest,


For several years BelTrufSmak LLC has been successfully growing such crops as rye, wheat, rapeseed, triticale, barley, and corn.


We are cultivating the potato by using modern European technology. Our potatos are non-genetically modified. Our company always takes into account the needs and circumstances of each Client. This season the company proposes different types of packaging for our potatoes : in netted bag of 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg. There is a possibility to pack according to the Client desire.  Just contact us.